In 2015, with the idea of serving international markets that demand Ecuadorian fruit and expanding OCATI’s presence, Tibatán Cia Ltda. was born in Quito, Ecuador.

Originally focused on the marketing of Yellow Pitahaya from the Palora region, TIBATÁN has expanded its portfolio to other fruits such as Red Pitahaya and Granadilla.

Throughout its history, TIBATAN has managed to establish strong relationships with local fruit producers, offering fair and innovative purchasing models. Important synergies have also been achieved with other members of the export logistics chain.

In the future, TIBATAN believes in the growth of the Ecuadorian agro-industrial sector, for which it has placed special interest in the development of new opportunities with new fruits and varieties.


Selenicereus megalanthus
Hylocereus polyrhizus
Passiflora ligularis