The fruits that have been produced under the GLOBALG.A.P. scheme represent the set of good agricultural practices including natural foods, clean and suitable for human consumption, harmonious and safe work spaces for each employee, contrasting natural resources with friendly productive areas.


With each fruit that is purchased with the Rainforest Alliance seal, there will be one more farm with people working under the best working conditions and receiving job training, there will be a family with well-being, and children who are not forced to work. There will also be a protected ecosystem. In addition, one of the many members of the native fauna will find balance and harmony between people and their productive protected areas, all complemented by a comprehensive and stable community.


The fruits produced under the Nurture module are the result of a more efficient management of natural resources and the more dynamic use of the products used crop protection. In addition to environmental conservation based on good agricultural practices for Tesco supermarkets.


Fruits that have an Organic status for the European Union are grown on cleaner and more fertile soils, with sustainable production tools, designed for the conservation of natural resources, while ensuring the most dynamic and specific use of the products for the protection of crops approved within this framework. All this, while at the same time maintaining a productive balance between the crop and the environment, without the use of chemical substances.


Business Alliance for Secure Commerce, is an international business alliance that promotes safe trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations. Ocati seeks the establishment of controls aimed at the prevention of illegal activities, corruption, bribery and the management of organizational risk.


Products with the IFS seal are guaranteed to adhere to food safety protocols, in conjunction with production and distribution companies that work within a supply chain that promotes quality and transparency with each consumer product, thus guaranteeing the safety and traceability of the product during its manipulation.